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Full Size Model


Full Body Chibi


These price are based on hourly calculated time taken to draft, make and create each piece. As I am still learning the rigging process I have reduced this price massively. As I improve prices may be subject to change. Every piece I create is original and there for different.

Full Sets

Full Size

Full Size Model (unrigged) - £275

Drawn and Rigged Model (Bust Only) - £525

Chibi Model

Chibi Model - Bust Up - £150

Chibi Model Rigged - Bust Up - £300

Chibi Model- Full Body - £250

Chibi Model Rigged- Full Body - £475

Full Character Sheet - £90+Logos - £40Banners&Tabs - £75+Backrounds - £60+Assets - £30 Each-
Additional Extras
Hold Screens - £40+Emote Toggles - £20 EachAdditional Outfits - £40+Additional Hairstyles- £50+Stickers - £35 Each
Additional rigged Assets(pets ect) - £60+

SET 1 -
£1070+ - £850+

- Simple Character Rig
- Character reference Sheet
- Logo
- Banners x4
- 5x Streaming Emotes
- Background

SET 2 -
£800+ - £550+

- Chibi Model Rigged (full body)
- Background
- 1X Additional Hair OR Outfit
- 3 X Emote toggles
- 3X Stickers

£1240 - £950

- Model Rigged
- Background
- Character sheet
- 1X Additional Hair OR Outfit
- 4 X Emote toggles
- 3X Stickers
- Logo
- Banner
- Streaming Emotes x5

--Please be aware all items do incur tax (£7.50 per purchase)T&C applyGolden cookie 6+ members receive 10% off--

REFS - As with all my commissions i will need ref images so work from. However if you are making a new character from scratch we can work with mood boards. This will involve alot of back and forth with my self through the design process. This will incur a Design fee set at £45. Please keep this in mind

Payment plans can be arranged with myself for larger purchases (over £300)1/2 or 1/4 installment payments after a deposit has been made. (£150).
Model turn around with rigging is APPROX 2-3Months


Single Emotes

For 5 - £45

For 10 - £75

Additional emotes with the sale of 5-10 emotes its an additional £7 per emote

Couples Emotes

For 5 - £60For 10 - £100


Chibi Bust - £30

Chibi Full Body - £35

Chibi Framed - £40

Chibi Couple - £45

Per Additional Person - +£20 (Child+ £15)


Backround Basic - Free

Backround Blank - Free

Backround Extra detail - £20

Props/ weapons /ect - £20


Backround Basic - Free

Backround Blank - Free

Backround Extra detail - £20

Props/ weapons /ect - £20

Bust - £40

Extra Detail Bust - £60

Full Body - £55+

Couple Bust - £50

Extra Detailed Couple Bust- £70

Couple full body- £65

Flower Framed - + £25

Per Additional Person - +£20

Being a doodler is hard work if you would like to support me and my work please consider buying me a cookie or becoming a cookie supporter every donation received helps me make more new content and products. As well, if you consider becoming a monthly supporter or a Golden Cookie you would get some awesome benefits.


Golden cookies receive 15% off all* future commissions! (excluding animated)
Supporters for 6+ Months it goes up to 25% (excluding animated)
Supporters for 12+ Months you get 50% off all* future commissions and 15% off animated emotes!

* Golden Cookie members (6+ and over) receive 10% off Vtube model services

GOLDEN COOKIE£20 a month you get:~The full 6 seasonal emotes when they come out each season OR a custom chibi~ Access to supporter exclusive discounts on future commissions.- Access to ALL mods.- You will get first view of any new mods and emotes.~Access to supporter excusive discord channels and given a new role on the channel as a GOLDEN CHIP~ NEW Members will receive an exclusive Birthday month gift :D



References needed for a commission

- When taking ref images please do so with no hat (it covered the hair), well lit (hard to get colors right in the dark area) and NO POSES!

- If you have an idea/pose in mind you can send me a ref of something similar or a detailed description.

- Full body images from all four sides. This is for body shape as well as any clothing items.

- CLOTHING - If you do not have specific clothing you would like to have your character wearing please provide examples of alternatives.

- If your character has Markings or Tattoos please add a close up of this

- This will also need to be done for waist up and head up this is for hair and facial features.

- EYES - To make sure i can get an accurate colour for the eyes please provide a close up

REFS - As with all my commissions I will need ref images to work from. However if you are making a new character from scratch we can work with mood boards. This will involve a lot of back and forth with my self through the design process. This will incur a Design fee set at £45. Please keep this in mind

FF14/FFXIV Players - If you are an FF player and able to provide a CMA file (Gpose file) this can be used for your references **( Its so much easier! ) **

Please ensure to read my terms and conditions before making a commission request

Will Draw- Chibis, Anime style, SFW, NSFW, Furry/Anthro, Sexually Explicit (with restrictions), Emotes, Light gore,Vtube models, all things listed in commissions.

WILL NOT Draw- Lala NSFW (please stop asking! Its Gross!) Extreme gore, Mech, Style Imitation.(if you are unsure of something please just ask)

1- NO Refunds After the initial sketch has been completed.

2- Payments for commission are to be made in advance unless an agreement has been made directly OR commissions are over £350.Payment plans can be requested for orders OVER £350.

3- I reserve the right to refuse commission requests.

4- Posting, Sharing or using my work is permitted so long as "The Cookie Club" Social Medias are credited.

5- Changes Can be made to commission requests as much as you like BUT after the initial sketch and planning has been agreed/confirmed changes to the design will incur additional charges dependent on what is needed.

6- During the time I work on your commission It may be shared on social medias, servers and streamed via Twitch unless specifically requested otherwise (please confirm this on request).

7- When requesting a Couples Commission (NSFW) PLEASE ensure you have consent of the other person(s)

8- Unless a specific deadline is requested Commissions are done first come first serve basis. Please make me aware of this when the request is made. Commissions WITH specific deadlines are prioritized to ensure they are completed to meet deadline.

9- DO NOT Edit or reproduce any of my work!!! This includes emotes. If you are found to be doing this you will be immediately removed from ALL TCC servers, Banned and Blocked WITHOUT WARNING. NO EXCEPTIONS
Your user name and other information will ALSO Be shared and flagged to other artist friends who will ALSO blacklist you from services. (I DO NOT MESS AROUND)

10- All commissions are taxed. (This will be added to your final quote)

11- Commissions are to be paid for via PayPal ONLY

12- Prices for commissions are in UK Pounds. If you would like to know prices in your own currency during the quote process please message me directly. Conversion rates may vary (PayPal auto converts)

13- I will not tolerate rudeness, abusive or toxic behavior towards my self or anyone in my server/streams. Those who do will be immediately banned regardless of any current or outstanding commission requests.

14- I will not tolerate rudeness, toxic or abusive behavior. This includes but not limited to - Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Body shaming or other VILE Behavior. Those who do will be immediately banned regardless of any current or outstanding commission requests. TCC is a SAFE and LGBTQ+ inclusive brand.

15- Commission requests for 18+ Content may be requested to provide ID proof.( This is on extremely rare occasion but it is for the safety of my business and my customers. Please do not be offended if this is requested )

16-. - USE OF MODS/3D MODELS - .Personal Edits can be made (colors ect) however please make me aware of itIf images of mods are used/shared on social medias please link back to original source.Don't upload my work in other discords or websites.
Don't claim my work as your own.
Do not adjust and re-post to re-upload it.

Please be aware times may vary depending on time and personal availability. I HAVE A LIFE AND SOMETIMES IT SUCKS!

SEASONAL EMOTESAre currently unavailable till Feb 2024


This section contains adult and mature content not intended for any under the age of 18+

NSFW Traffic lights

Below are the options available and categories you will need to select. Please be aware that some of these requests come with an additional premium, all NSFW requests are kept 100% confidential and private with clients for content reasons.


This category does not incur a premium on top of prices.

Light NSFW
Artistic Nudes
Light Furry Art
Simple Sexual NSFW


This category incurs a small premium on top of prices. (£5-£10+)

Light Kink NSFW
Furry sexual Nsfw (simple)
Light Gore


This category incurs a premium on top of prices. (£10-£25+)

Hard Kink NSFW*
GoreHardcore BDSM
Multi-ppl Hardcore.

* I'm not here to kink shame anyone and will not judge. I have experience in the adult industry so there is very little that can offend me. HOWEVER If when details are discussed it is something I do not feel comfortable with I reserve the right to turn down the request. If you would like me to send you my Y/N kink list please enter the password ( REDVelvet ) in your request form.

NSFW 18+

Body Pillow

2 sides (inc NSFW) - £140

1 side (inc NSFW) - £75

1 side (SFW) - £65


Fullbody- £55+

Couple- £75+

Per Additional Person - +£20

These requests are subject to the traffic light system. For more info please click below!

Other Services

Single Full Body Character- £65

Single Full Body Chibi- £55

Character Game Sheet- £75

Character Reference Sheet- £95

Pokemon Trainer OC- £40Pokemon Trainer OC and pokemon- £40 plus £10 per pokemon

As with all commissions please ensure you read t&c's fully before making your request